First Sunflower Harvest

This year I grew my first Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers. As seen by the photo below they did quite well. I started harvesting the heads when I noticed the birds were starting to go after the seed. I cut the stems about a foot from the head and bundled them together to hang upside down in the garage. I continued harvesting for several weeks as some of the seeds really didn’t look ready. Today I brought the biggest head in and removed the seeds. They do not come out easily. If anyone has tips on how to remove them I am eager to learn. The largest head produced 131 grams of seeds. I have a lot more heads to work on.

The sunflowers have inspired me to invite some fiber friends for a dye day so hopefully it won’t be too cold next week as we gather with our seeds and plants to experiment with various fibers and mordants.

Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers in September
Sunflower Seeds

A Blast from the Past

I found this post from June 28, 2012 on an old blog that I didn’t know was still in existence. So fun to read about my sheep as I’ve been sheepless for a number of years now.

Thought I’d better post something or I’ll have missed the whole month of June.  Are summers crazy or what?  The top photo is a pretty little colored purebred ewe lamb.  Photo #2 is BFL ewe Cara with her triplet ewe lambs.  The last photo is either Gem or Bella, they look so much alike.  50%BFL-50% Gotland – nice ewes with super luster and hold their condition well raising lambs on just grass.  We lambed late this year and I just weaned my first lambs.  My biggest lamb is a purebred BFL ram that I’ll be keeping for breeding this year.  Thor was born March 31st and weighted 103 lbs at weaning two days ago.  He knows he’s special.  We didn’t weigh all the lambs but the Gotland crosses seemed to average 73.5 lbs. which I thought was good for lambs born in April and raised with just mom and the pasture.  No grain or pellets.

Matching Wide Brimmed Hat & Scarf

Using hand dyed silk fabrics as well as silk chiffon prints to add interest to this black wide brimmed hat. The hand felted wool and silk hood was then blocked on a vintage wooden hat block and trimmed with a leather band and dyed bamboo button. The Nuno felt scarf incorporates the same dyed silks and silk chiffons for a striking ensemble.

Silk Satin Devore Felt Hat & Scarf

The beautiful Silk Satin Devore incorporated into this felt hat takes it to a higher level. The fabric is repurposed from a beautiful dress I found in a consignment store on a trip to Florida. Not too many silk dresses at consignment stores in western Montana. The trim was inspired by a felt jewelry class I am currently taking from Deb Koesters. Always more to learn.