‘Dyeing Linen & Cotton’

I found a cone of white linen yarn in my studio and thought it might be perfect for adding textural stitches to my felt. I have also been thinking about the bolt of cotton scrim hanging with the bolts of silk fabric in my studio. I’ve been dyeing quite a bit of linen fabric for sewing lately so decided it might be nice to try some mini batches of the linen and cotton. Will post results later this week.

Two New Hats

Delivered a couple more hats to 4 Ravens Gallery this past week. Still playing around with adding Sumi Ink to the silk fabric before felting. The burgandy/brown hat is trimmed with black Dupioni Silk fabric. The grey hat has several different hand dyed silk fabrics on the surface, also embellished with Sumi Ink and trimmed with a black leather band and ceramic button.

Wide Brim Felt Hat

Pleased with the way this hat turned out. The rich rust colored silk is really set off by the chocolate brown wool and viscose fibers. Nicely finished with a black leather band and vintage button. An elderly friend gifted me her button collection about ten years ago and I continue to find gems in it to this day. It has the added bonus of entertaining my grandchildren. I have many fond memories of playing with the buttons in my grandmother’s button box. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

Lavender Sachets

I seem to be heavy into small project mode. Have a number of hats waiting for trim and I keep making little sachets. The heart sachets are made out of Nuno felt – a combination of hand dyed fine wool felted with silk fabric or fibers. Most of the kitty sachets are made from wool fabric that was left over from a jacket project a year or so ago. The fabric was eco printed with eucalyptus and makes for some cute kitties.

Button Band Trim

Just finished the trim on a charcoal grey/black silk and wool hat. I used several different types of hand dyed silk fabric on the surface of the hat. I am pleased with the added texture the silk provided. The button band was inspired by a black straw hat I saw. The buttons are from my collection of vintage buttons that I received years back from an elderly friend. A new advantage of having numerous tins of buttons is discovering my not quite 3 year old granddaughter thinks they are fabulous.

Charcoal Grey/Black Nuno Felt Hat