Handmade Christmas Stocking

I generally use 4 layers of wool for my ornaments, adding a loop to hang the stocking from. Stockings are so simple and you can make any size from tiny to large.

Next I selection the fabrics and fiber I will use for embellishment. For this stocking I chose some green merino wool, cotton scrim and hand dyed red silk gauze.

Below is the final layout of the first side. I just had to flip it over, embellish the second side and then I was ready to start felting. I generally start with gentle massaging by hand and once I feel that the fibers are beginning to entangle with each other I roll in bubble wrap from every direction. After that I continue adding hot water and soap and massage by hand, rolling the felt more and occasionally throwing it on a hard surface to further shock and shrink the fibers. It’s a lively process and a great way to keep moving.

And here’s the finished Stocking. Not quite dry yet. The fabric I created from fine hand dyed wool and silk fabric is very dry but also very strong. Ready to fill with all sorts of little treasures for the holiday.

Finished Mini Christmas Stocking

Published by judithcolvindesigns.wordpress.com

I have been working with natural fibers to create fiber art for 30 years. My main focus is on felting and creating felt hoods to create one-of-a-kind millinery hats. I also love make seamless felt garments, and a wide range of felt items. After all, you can make almost anything out of felt.

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