A Blast from the Past

I found this post from June 28, 2012 on an old blog that I didn’t know was still in existence. So fun to read about my sheep as I’ve been sheepless for a number of years now.

Thought I’d better post something or I’ll have missed the whole month of June.  Are summers crazy or what?  The top photo is a pretty little colored purebred ewe lamb.  Photo #2 is BFL ewe Cara with her triplet ewe lambs.  The last photo is either Gem or Bella, they look so much alike.  50%BFL-50% Gotland – nice ewes with super luster and hold their condition well raising lambs on just grass.  We lambed late this year and I just weaned my first lambs.  My biggest lamb is a purebred BFL ram that I’ll be keeping for breeding this year.  Thor was born March 31st and weighted 103 lbs at weaning two days ago.  He knows he’s special.  We didn’t weigh all the lambs but the Gotland crosses seemed to average 73.5 lbs. which I thought was good for lambs born in April and raised with just mom and the pasture.  No grain or pellets.

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I have been working with natural fibers to create fiber art for 30 years. My main focus is on felting and creating felt hoods to create one-of-a-kind millinery hats. I also love make seamless felt garments, and a wide range of felt items. After all, you can make almost anything out of felt.

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